Smile Sower

Hello! I am Shike, the founder of Smiling Greens. I began working as a farm operator since 2018 for Rebmit Trading Thailand before I started Smiling Greens as a microgreens home business in 2020. I ceased the home business operations in order to focus my efforts on Grobrix in 2021.

In my spare time, I like to stay indoors and play the piano, guitar, and saxophone. When I feel like going outdoors, I like to fish and ride my motorcycle.

Smile Sower

Yo. My name is Huda and I am the webmaster and content creator of Smiling Greens since 2020. I am still a newbie in the world of farming but that pushes me to learn proactively. While I am okay with growing microgreens, I find growing adult plants very difficult. I am always up for the challenge though.

My hobbies include writing, singing, gaming, watching videos that pique my interest, and reading.

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