China Rose Radish Microgreens

Expect a mustard taste mixed with some sweetness out of the China Rose Radish microgreens. The taste is reminiscent of the root Radish flavour. As such, it has been suggested as a healthier alternative to chilli sauce, which tends to contain preservatives and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

Another feature of the China Rose Radish microgreens is its colour. The pink stems easily add a pop of colour to a dish. When used as garnish, it may elevate the aesthetic of a dish besides enhancing its flavours.

A look at the China Rose Radish microgreens’ nutrition information reveals that they contain a range of vitamins from A to C, E, and K. They contain higher levels of vitamin C and vitamin E compared to other microgreens. Other minerals such as iron, calcium, and carotenes can also be found in China Rose Radish microgreens.

Such vitamins and nutrients aid in the prevention of health issues often linked to the immune system, digestion, and skin. For example, they help in preventing cancer, removing body toxins, and clearing facial acne.

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